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Frequently Asked Questions

Before the fair

Who can participate? How do I register?

Only the individuals who are invited by a regional fair coordinator can participate. They will be asked to register through the YSF (Youth Science Foundation) website.

When completing the online forms, participants will need to make sure to answer all sections. If they experience any technical difficulties, they will need to contact the Youth Science Foundation directly at 866-341-0040.

When can I register?

You have until April 30, 2008 (midnight) to register.

Can/when should parents & relatives come visit their kids at the

There are three periods of the CWSF 2008 that will be accessible to the public.

1) Sunday May 11 from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm - The Lockheed Martin Opening Ceremony at the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

(All finalists and delegates will be required to use the fair transportation from the University.  They will also be asked to use the fair transportation to go to their reserved banquet)

2) Friday May 16 from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm - Awards Ceremony. Please reserve tickets by emailing Estelle at
. We will have limited seating.

(Their will be a period between the awards ceremony and the banquet where you will be able to join your child or relative).

3) Saturday May 17 from 9:00 am to noon – Public Viewing
(Parents and friends will be able to visit. This will be the only period where general visitors will be able to interact with the fair participants and their project)

Can I purchase a display board? How much will it cost?

Yes, you can purchase a display board. You will need to complete the “Display Board Request Form’ and return it to us by fax at 613- 562- 5875.  Each display board will cost $43. Please make sure that each project follows YSF requirements. You have until May 1 to request your display board.

Backboard Dimensions

More information can also be found in the Participating Guide, in the Project Displays & Safety section.

During the Fair

Where will I be staying?

Participants will stay at the University of Ottawa’s Marchand and Stanton residences, located on the campus of the University of Ottawa.

Where can I find more information about Ottawa?

Feel free to visit our Ottawa Info page. An info kiosk at the residence will help you find answers to your questions. You will also find more information on the Ottawa tourism website.

Will I need to pay for anything myself?

CWSF 2008 will provide you accommodation and meals.  You may want to purchase some souvenirs or treats for yourself.  Also, there will be a fee for using the campus games room.


How will I know what has been happening during the week?

The Bytown Crier, a fun daily newsletter aimed at participants, will be distributed at the cafeteria every morning.

How can I connect with other participants?

There will be many opportunities throughout the week to connect with other participants; Try to mingle as much as you can during the social events.

Where can I post or view pictures, videos and stories about the week?

The best place for pictures, videos and stories is in our CWSF Facebook group as well as our website.

(Send photos or interesting stories to

Science Fair

Where can I find a copy of my schedule?

Your schedule is available here on the CWSF2008 website.

Every participant will receive a schedule booklet at the registration.

Will there be any organized activities?

A bundle! There will be several organized events and tours throughout the week; there are also many activities that can be done at your leisure, such as a Haunted Walk tour of downtown Ottawa, swimming pool, games room, shopping etc…

What are the science fair rules/policies?

Our policies are in your pre-visit information kit prepared by the Youth Science Foundation.

Who are the judges?

Most of our judges are from the academic institutions of Ottawa/Gatineau. They are doctors, professors and teachers from universities and colleges. Some will be coming from the public or private research sectors.

What were some of the past winning projects?

Here is a link to the last award recipients.

How can chaperones connect?

During the week, there will be many meetings for delegates and the alternates, which will be held during the judging.


If you still have questions, please contact us at